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3.5-5ton/24h 6Y-95 Oil Press Machine

Capacity : 3.5-5ton/24h

Raw materials : Peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, sunflower, palm kernel

Application : oil press


The 6YL-95 oil press machine is used to press edible oil from various kinds of oil bearing materials, such as: peanut, soybean, sunflower seed, rape seed, cotton seed, corn germ, coconut, olive, etc. It performs extremely well in high oil content materials like peanut or sunflower seed oil processing.

This oil press machinery can be used for both cold pressing and hot pressing. What’s more, the capacity can be designed for both home use and large plant.

  1. Reliable quality of broad use, high efficiency, can press as much oil as possible
  2. ISO, CE certificates, can meet EU Standard
  3. 24 hours continuous running with regular lubrication
  4. Competitive price with good quality. It adopts high quality alloy steel to ensure good performance
  5. Low energy consumption and less manpower needed
  6. Durable spare parts
  7. Simple and automatic operation
  8. Easy maintenance
  9. Perfect technical design with less labor
  10. Stable and durable equipment function



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