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6YL-105 Screw Oil Press

Capacity : 180-230kg/h

Raw materials : Peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, sunflower, palm kernel

Application : oil press


6YL-105 oil press is a newly designed model with the integration of our technical experiences . This new model features with wide accommodation of plant  products ,high oil yield ,stability in performance,and simplicity to operate and maintain. This machine can be used to press :peanut ,soybeans,sesame ,sunflower seeds,coconut meat ,palm kernel ,etc.

During the press running, the processed oil plants from the hopper into the press chamber. The press screw press the raw material by push foward them. Under the condition of the high pressure in the press chamber, the raw material and press screw and press chamber had a huge frictional resistance, so that cause friction between micro raw material, due to relative motion. On the other hand, because of the diameter of screw is gradually enlarged, but the screw thread is gradually reduced, thus when press screw rolling,the screw thread forced the material move foward and can flip outward, at the same time, the surface layer of material closed to the press screw thread is rolling with the press shaft, so that caused the micro raw materials are not moved constant speed and same direction, but exist a relative motion between micro raw materials. And the heat caused by friction meet the necessary heat of oil process operations,helps to feed protein denaturation in the raw material, destroyed colloid, increased the figurability, and reduce the viscosity at the same time, easy to precipitate oil, thus increasing oil producing ratio of the oil press.


Model 6YL-105
Screw diameter φ 94.5mm
Screw speed 30-40r/min
Host power 11KW(Y132M-4)
heater 1.5KW
Handling capacity 180-230Kg/h
Total weight 1000Kg
Package size (mm) 2140x550x765


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