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6YL-120 Screw Oil Presser

Capacity : 6T per 24 Hours

Raw materials : Peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed, sunflower, palm kernel

Application : oil press


6YL-120 Screw Oil Presser is an advanced oil screw press, characterized by its simple design, easy to use, wide suitability and continuous operation, high productivity and high oil output rate. Moreover, this screw expeller can be used for various raw materials, such as ground nuts, soybeans, rape seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconuts/copra, tea seeds, jatropha etc. At the same time it can be designed into D series and A series.


* Capacity: 6T per 24 Hours
* Power: 15kW/3-phase/1440rpm
* Size: 1970 x 700 x 780mm
* Weight: 680kg


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